Agri Diesel – What is SFGO?

With Silage Season upon us and the requests for green diesel flooding in, we have been receiving a few queries in relation to our agri-diesel product, SFGO.
At Westmeath Oil, we only stock SFGO (Sulphur Free Gas Oil) as opposed to MGO (Marked Gas Oil). So what’s the difference? The older Marked Gas Oil / MGO was generally used in older tractors. It is used for generators and heating systems with an outdoor burner. It has 1000ppm or 1000 parts sulphur per million, whereby SFGO has 10ppm or 10 sulphur parts per million, making it a more eco-friendly fuel. It is dyed green and it is actually an offence to use Gas Oil to fuel an on-road vehicle. MGO is also used to fuel ships, which we don’t get too many of around these parts!
SFGO / Sulphur Free Gas Oil on the other hand is considered a more environmentally friendly product due to the low sulphur content. As mentioned above it has only 10 sulphur parts per million. It is also dyed green and is an offence to use it to fuel an on-road vehicle. It is used mainly for farm and construction machinery such as tractors, harvesters, grain dryers, diggers, cranes etc. It is important that SFGO is used in modern engines as MGO can be damaging to the filters. As you all know machinery doesn’t come cheap and the last thing you want is to be using a substandard product that can be damaging. It is for that reason we at Westmeath Oil only stock SFGO!!
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