Heat your Home for Less with Westmeath Oil

As the age old saying goes, If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. With recent events causing the price of oil to increase and the impending budget, it’s no wonder you are shopping around looking to get the best price for your home heating oil. Here at Westmeath Oil we endeavour to deliver Lower Heating Oil prices to our customers but we will never sacrifice quality of our product for cheaper alternatives.

We not only invest in our staff but also in our equipment. All Deliveries from Westmeath Oil are independently tracked (by a 3rd party company) in Real-Time, offering full transparency on Where, When, What, and How Much is delivered each time.

So what does this really mean? This means that if you are unsure that you are getting the quality or quantity that you ordered, you can contact this company and they can run a check on what was delivered!! This guarantees Peace of Mind for you the customer! Have you ever filled your car and realised you are not getting the same amount of mileage as you did when you fill in some other stations? You quickly realise that you are being sold an inferior product and stop filling at that station. Unfortunately with oil, you don’t have the mileage gauge to offer the same check. Westmeath Oil will NEVER deliver an inferior product just to compete on price! We deliver Quality and Convenience at your fingertips!

Great – So do we deliver Kerosene in your area?

As our name suggests we deliver kerosene/home heating oil, throughout county Westmeath and surrounding areas. If you are unsure if you are covered, click the link to view a full list of our oil delivery areas or check the drop-down menu in our Heating Oil Quote box above.

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