Easter Opening Times

Happy Easter to all of our home heating oil customers in Westmeath. We are all set for the Bunny Rabbit here in Westmeath Oil. The weather forecast is giving mixed reviews so it’s hard to know what to pack if you are heading away. If you are stuck for something nice to do then a reminder that our photo competition is ongoing. We would love to see some of your adventures on the road or at home over the Easter weekend!!

Send us your entries here 2022 Photo Competition Westmeath Oil – Westmeath Oil to be in with a chance to win a €500 fuel voucher.

What’s new in Westmeath Oil?

We have noticed an increase in Green Diesel orders in recent days. The domestic heating oil was slowing down but has picked up again. We believe this is because people were waiting to see if the government would reduce the VAT on heating oil from 13.5% to 9%. It seems for now that the decrease is set for Electricity and Gas only. There has been no confirmation of a decrease in VAT for Home Heating Oil. Plans for an increase in Carbon Tax are still scheduled to take place at the end of April. Something to think about if you think it’s nearly time for a top-up.

What are the Easter Opening Times?

We are open for most of the weekend. Please find our opening times below.

  • Holy Thursday: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Good Friday: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Easter Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Easter Sunday: Closed
  • Bank Holiday Monday: Closed

If you need to order home heating oil or tractor diesel over the Easter weekend call us on 0906400140.

If you are in the Mullingar areas call us on 0449310201.

You can also order Kerosene or Green Diesel on our website. Order Oil – Westmeath Oil

Finally, a huge thank you to all of our Westmeath Oil customers throughout the year. Remember, If you are looking for an interesting challenge over the weekend that we would love to see some of those Easter photographs. You can enter our annual photography competition and be in with a chance to win a €500 fuel voucher.

Find out more information click on our updated blog 2022 Photo Competition Westmeath Oil – Westmeath Oil

Happy Easter!

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