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Need a gift in a hurry?
No problem, with the Westmeath Oil Online Gift Voucher, you can purchase your voucher and have it delivered to the recipients email or your email instantly! It couldn’t be easier!

What do you get someone who has everything?
The answer… a Westmeath Oil Gift Voucher of course!

The practical gift solution for Birthdays, Christmas and Special Occasions. Give your friends and loved ones the gift of comfort and warmth whatever the occasion, with a Westmeath Oil Gift Voucher.

What is an Online Gift Voucher?

An online Gift Voucher is an email gift voucher that can be purchased online and delivered directly to the recipients inbox. It can also be emailed to the buyer to print off and present at a later stage. It can be bought and delivered online within seconds. The voucher can then be redeemed against ordering home heating oil online by simply entering the unique code on our website at time of purchase!

It is the perfect solution for last minute gifts, to get you out of an embarrassing situation when you forget a birthday or a Christmas present for the inlaws!

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Business Owners

The Small Benefit exemption Scheme, the perfect tax free way to reward your staff  and save money!

The Small Benefit exemption Scheme is a tax relief scheme offered by Revenue that allows employers to give their employee (s) a once off voucher to the value of €500 per annum, tax exempt! The value of the voucher can be disregarded for PAYE/PRSI purposes. Which is a saving for both the employee and you the employer!

Show your staff how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to the company and order your Westmeath Oil Vouchers today!

This is a win win situation for both the employee and the employer and an ideal way to pay a Christmas Bonus!

Order Online or contact Westmeath Oil and we will take care of this for you!
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