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Westmeath Oil supplies farmers, contractors and commercial businesses with quality Gas Oil, SFGO.
SFGO (Sulfur Free Gas Oil) is an eco-friendly gas oil and is also referred to as Green Diesel. Although some of the older heating systems use Gas Oil, it is mainly used in tractors, construction machinery and off road vehicles.

Westmeath Oil truck delivering commercial fuel to a tractor.

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Westmeath Oil truck delivering commercial fuel to a tractor.

Quality Agri Fuels

Westmeath Oil offers the convenience of delivering to you on site! So whether that’s a building site, commercial premises or filling machinery in the middle of a field during silage season, we will deliver to you.

With deliveries throughout Westmeath and surrounding areas of Roscommon 6 Days per week, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Westmeath Oil truck delivering Gas Oil fuel to a fuel tank.

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