Meet The New Team Member!

New Truck on the roads for Westmeath Oil can only mean one thing – A very happy Westmeath oil driver!

We are delighted to get our new Westmeath Oil truck on the road this week. Rita is very passionate about investing in our trucks. We believe a happy driver leads to a happy customer. Ensuring that our drivers have the best tools at their disposal during work keeps our drivers safe and happy.

Home Heating Oil deliveries are our main source of business in Westmeath Oil. We invest in trucks that give you peace of mind. Every fuel oil delivery from Westmeath Oil is recorded on our fuel management system. The fuel monitoring system is independently verified and controlled.

We also use the I-Metering system on our fleet of trucks with our sister company Lambe’s Oil . Our system has been tested and proven for accuracy in the courts for GPS coordinates (location), volume, product type, date, and time.

Our companies have been working to build the confidence and trust of our customers for over fifty years. This latest technology further enhances this relationship.  

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